We have grown up, says Honor.

Companies redesigning their brand identity is no new thing. The latest to join this bandwagon is Honor which is a sub-brand of Chinese giant Huawei.

You might remember the Honor logo which looked like this:

Honor’s Old Logo


Now it looks like this:

Honor's New Logo
Honor’s New Logo


The old logo used all lowercase letters and was all black while the new logo uses all caps and a three-coloured vibrant gradient. Why these colours specifically? If you had seen the new Honor 10, you might have probably guessed.

The colours of the logo are similar to the gradient colours in which the phone comes in. Grey to bright gradients. Hmm. Honor has grown up, hasn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what they said at the event.

Honor stated that they have grown up over the years and and wanted to embrace the trend and attiude of the younger generation with whom they would like to lead the way of life.

What do you think about the logo? Does it reflect the brand Honor? Or is it another rebranding attempt gone wrong? It remains to be seen how the loyal Honorians (Why not call them this?) and the world of tech reacts to the redesign of Honor’s logo.